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I am currently working on macro edits to my novel—which is still unnamed after over a year of working on it. 😅 This stage of editing is taking much longer than I thought it would, but I want to do it well and not rush anything. My Beta readers have been super encouraging and motivating as I work, and I can’t wait to start working on the sequel!



When war commences, Mae is forced away from her loving mother and comfortable home to go to the mighty city of Candour, where she must care for the wounded in the violent war. Though a deadly situation, Mae finds comfort in King Osric’s nephew, Edwin, her dearest friend from childhood. With him, she finally begins to feel that she can get through this war despite the death and heartache.

Under his uncle’s protection, Edwin wants nothing more than to prove that he is worthy of his uncle’s love. When it comes down to it, he’s even willing to serve his uncle to the point of death. But when Mae, his childhood friend, arrives in Candour, Edwin feels it his job to care for her during the brutal war. As he protects her from danger, their friendship strengthens— and Edwin’s affection for her grows.

But being captured by the enemy isn’t in Mae’s plan. As she’s forced away from Candour and those she loves, Mae is haunted by her past in ways she never thought possible. Will she let her regrets sway her actions? Or will she move away from the past and embrace the present, despite her current situation’s dreadful appearance?  

While Mae battles her past and regrets, Edwin deals with his own pride. Will he chase after Mae against his uncle’s wishes to prove his love to her? Or will he let her suffer so that he can prove himself to his uncle?

Edwin struggles with crucial decisions, and Mae grapples with daunting unknowns. If Edwin goes after her and fails, both she and Edwin will be used as pawns in the enemy’s war. But if Edwin ignores her, Mae will be killed.

Will their friendship hold strong enough to get them through? Or will they crumble under their own decisions?


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