Poem- The Ballad of Gandalf and the Fall at Moria | Guest Post

So today I thought I’d let another one of my best friends, and writer, Lili Pettigrew guest-post. I love her writing, and I hope you do, too!

Hey! My name is Lili and I have been writing and inventing stories for as long as I can remember. I mostly like writing fantasy, which is evident because I love reading books like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I am working on a fantasy book right now, but I am always jotting down new ideas and sometimes can’t help starting them!

The Ballad of Gandalf and the Fall at Moria

The nine company with Frodo were
Walking through the pitch-black lair—
Moria, dwarfs claimed it so,
Held a Balrog: an evil foe.

Chorus or Refrain:
Gandalf, Gandalf, with a shining sword
Fought evil Balrog, his fire poured.
On the bridge both dueled with valor,
But both were lost in that darkest hour.

Gandalf the Grey, brandished his sword,
Words of duel on his enemy he poured.
Both orcs and company watched in fear,
“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” yelled Mithrandir.

With his staff—no spell it lacked—
He struck the bridge, and it CRACKED!
The Balrog fell, but with his whip he wound,
The knees of Gandalf, so both plunged down.

Frodo wept, with the grievous sight,
And Sam the same, with all his might.
The entire company was aghast,
So, they departed, their hope bashed.

“Fly you fools!” were his words of part.
They all kept Gandalf in their heart.
They arrived at Lórien and when Galadriel heard,
She sent off his eagle, a magnificent bird.

Mithrandir was gone, what a loss!
Battles raged without him as boss.
But once Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas ran…
Did they find him once again?


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