Story- A Secret Difference

Hey everyone! Sorry this post is a couple of days late. Anyway, this is a really short story that I wrote. I got the idea from a writing prompt. I hope you enjoy it:

I have one brown eye and one green eye. Most people think it’s just a normal thing: I have two different colored eyes. But it’s more than that. A lot more. People can’t understand it. That’s why I tell no one the truth.

If I did tell someone the truth, it would seem so unreal to them. They wouldn’t believe me. They would think I’m weird. I already feel like an outcast because of it. For someone to know my secret would make them really think of me as an outcast.

For the first few years of my life, I thought everyone was like me, but deep inside I felt a difference of some sort. I just figured that it was because I had two different colored eyes and other people didn’t. But being so young, I had no idea what this real ‘difference’ was.

As the years passed, I noticed things about me, other people, that proved my deepest thoughts and guesses about me. I knew there was something about me that no one knew. Something that even I- at that time-didn’t know.

I was nine years old when I realized the truth. I was scared. So scared I wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t eat. I felt like some sort of monster. My head was constantly spinning with questions I knew I would never find the answer to. I wondered why I was alive. What was the point of my existence? Was I even considered human? Was I some sort of creature? These questions led to terrible, hard-to-imagine questions that somehow formed in my head. What if I was some sort of Alien? What if I had been brought to earth when I was too young to remember, and my parents had been brainwashed to think that I was their child?

I’m sure you’re wondering what the truth about me is. Why am I different?

Both of my eyes see different things. Not like if one eye can see one place and the other eye can see another. My green eye sees what’s real. It sees truth. It’s like any other eye, and makes me feel normal. But my brown eye sees much, much more. It looks deep, deeper than anything. It looks into the depths of people’s thought. It shows me their darkest fears- fears that sometimes the person doesn’t even know about himself. My brown eye makes me feel different. It causes me to come up with questions about my purpose.


3 thoughts on “Story- A Secret Difference

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I’ve written it to where it could be a long story with more ‘happening’, but left it short to where it gave you just the main point, and nothing more. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll turn it into a complete novel!


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